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M a k e u p

Makeup                     $   120

Makeup trial              $  120

Makeup trial              $  170

(Includes 2 looks)

Makeup includes faux strip lashes, airbrush or traditional HD makeup depending on clients needs and likes.

P a c k a g e s

Makeup & Hairstyle               $   220

Trial package                       $   220

(Includes Makeup &

2 hairstyles)

Bridal Super Package          $   330

(Makeup, Hairstyle & Eyelash Extensions)

H a i r s t y l e

Hairstyle                  $   120

Hairstyle trial           $   120

Hairstyle trial            $  170

(Includes 2 looks)

E y e l a s h E x t e n s i o n s

Classic Full Set        $   150

Classic Refill            $     80

Volume Full set        $   300

Volume Refill           $   165

Mix Full Set             $   175

Mix Refill                 $   105

*Travel fee depends on the number of services and distance.

*To book, a non-refundable and non-transferable deposit is required along with a signed contract in order to lock your date and time in.

*Client is responsible for any parking fees incurred for on location services, including additional artists.

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